Social Selling with Tim Hughes

Season 1 Episode 15. Social Selling with Tim Hughes

Social Selling with Tim Hughes

This week I continue with the theme of social selling and had the honour of interviewing one of the world’s leading experts on the subject Tim Hughes from Oracle UK.

I have been following Tim’s blog for some time and have learned a lot from him.

Tim actually got in touch with me when I viewed his profile which prompted me to ask him if he would be prepared to come on the podcast, I was delighted when he agreed.

In summary our discussion covered the following points;

  • As much as 80% of buyers decision is made prior to speaking to the vendor/supplier
  • Sales people should also use social media and the Internet to thoroughly research buyers in order to be in a better position to build rapport.
  • A good salesperson needs to be comfortable using the Internet.
  • Your profile should demonstrate your passion for your subject and not be a stereo typical salesperson’s profile that reads more like a CV.
  • Be interesting! People can choose to Unfollow disconnect with you – social media is very democratic in that way.
  • Storytelling is very important to social selling, this also helps to make you more interesting.
  • Selling itself hasn’t changed that much, traditional sales skills are just as relevant today as they ever were. The tools may have changed however and extra skills relevant to those tools are needed.
  • Top tip – Reply to invitations to connect with a personalised message showing that you have read their profile. Tim gets a 50% response rate when he does this. You can see a screenshot of the message that he sent to me below.

Tim Hughes message

Contact information for Tim

tim hughes







Tim’s LinkedIn profile
Tim’s personal Twitter
Tim’s Oracle Twitter

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