3 things to do when you see an inappropriate update on LinkedIn

As LinkedIn has become more popular, it has attracted a much wider collection of members from a diverse range of countries, cultures and backgrounds. This is mostly a good thing but it is also a fact that the quality and appropriateness of LinkedIn status updates has seen a dramatic reduction in standards over the last couple of years.

Annoying and pointless quizzes, irrelevant cartoons and inappropriate sexual images such as the one below are becoming fairly commonplace on our home page.

So what can we do about it?

shocking update

3 things to do when you see an update like the one above

  1. Nothing

    • Seriously, no matter how annoying or distracting it might be….just move on and get on with your work! We are all time short so the last thing you need is to waste time on this irrelevance.
  2. Nothing!

    • Don’t write a comment like those above have done, all you are doing is spreading this annoyance onto your valued connections. Your focus should be on helping your connections, not distracting them with this kind of nonsense! The above update has 48 comments, the vast majority of them are protesting at it’s existence, which is helping to spread the update even further! Why would you want to do that?
  3. Something!

    • Why not use the time you save in producing a more appropriate, interesting and engaging update for your connections to see. If everyone did this then inappropriate updates will be seen less and everyone will get more from LinkedIn.

The only exception to this would be if you saw something disturbing, this should be reported to LinkedIn. I can assure you they do take action in such circumstances.

If the status update was directly from your connection or you have noticed that this person tends to regularly ‘like’ such updates then you always have the option of ‘unfollowing’ them thus hiding their updates from your feed in the top right corner of the update (see below)

Screenshot 2016-02-25 10.58.50

This means you will still be connected but won’t have to see their annoying updates anymore.


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