This page is dedicated to the New UI and design which first began rolling out in late October 2016.

Update February 9, 2017.

I recently delivered a 60-minute talk on the new UI and have recorded the content. There are 4 videos which can be viewed from here

How to reply to a non-customized invitation to connect before accepting.

Whilst most of the UI is more simple, this is one function that still lacks an intuitive design!

Searching (without advanced)

+ update December 8, 2016



The New Profile. New vs Old – Side by side

Warning: There is a lot going on in this video! Be prepared to pause and watch a few times before it all sinks in.

I also strongly suggest you watch this in full page, the button to watch full page is in the bottom right corner of the video.

A big thank-you to Philip Calvert for allowing his profile to be used in this video.

UPDATE: Rich media has now returned to profiles – phew!

The New Home Page. New vs Old – side by side

Here is a closer look at the new home-page – coming soon!

Status Updates in the New Home Page

#Memberfirst (not!)

Groups & Alumni

They are still there…yay!

Status Updates – A step backwards!


Above is an update that I wanted to share in a blog post (LinkedInformed show notes). Previously I have been able to grab a link from the menu in the top right of the update. With the new UI LinkedIn have decided that we don’t require that anymore so I have to copy the url from the top of the page!

Invitation Reply Debacle!

I’m sure they will fix this bug before most see the new UI so I thought I would capture it on video before they do!