Season 2. Episode 10. Interview with Joe Pulizzi


Who better to bring this series on content marketing to an end than Joe Pulizzi – the world’s leading expert on the subject!

Joe, an entrepreneur, speaker, and author on content marketing, believes passionately in his subject.

I knew that he would deliver a great interview…….I hope you enjoy it.

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My Key takeaways

  • You must be clear about what your niche subject is. What do you want to become known for?
  • When you first start with content Joe advises to start with;
    • 1 type of content (written, video audio etc)
    • 1 niche subject (as in above point)
    • 1 Platform (such as LinkedIn)
  • You can produce content across multiple channels but try to keep it different for each channel. For instance focus on ‘X’ on LinkedIn and ‘Y’ on your website
  • Gaining email subscribers is key to any content strategy. This can be done via LinkedIn posts as well as on your website by simply adding a link to the post.
  • Producing content will make you a better, more knowledgeable business professional.
  • Only create content about a subject you are genuinely passionate about.
  • Outsourcing is OK if someone else writes for your website under their own name but LinkedIn posts must be written by you. Appointing a ghost writer is OK provided they get their information directly from you. Plagiarising is not OK and Google is clever enough to spot it anyway.
  • Repurposing content – such as turning a blog into a book is a great idea but should be something you plan in advance, not something you decide to try and do after the content has been produced.

Joe Pulizzi

joe pulizzi LinkedIn

Joe founded and heads up The Content Marketing Institute

Joe on LinkedIn

Joe on Twitter

The Content Marketing Institute


You can get the content-inc book here

The CMI also made this fantastic documentary about Content marketing

Well that is it for Series/Season Two. How did you find it? Was it useful to you?

Series Three.

I am currently working on ideas for the next series and would welcome your input.

What would like to focus on?

What areas of LinkedIn would most help you in increasing your sales?

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